Keep Food From Spilling in Your Audi This Holiday Season

You are taking food to your family's holiday gathering and you need to haul that food in your car without it spilling all over the place. There are small things that you can do to keep that food in the dish where it should be, and the Audi Morton Grove team is ready to assist.

  • You can keep food from spilling in your car by stopping yourself before you fill a dish too full.
  • Enlist the help of your passengers to monitor your containers.
  • Drive in a more cautious way than normal.
  • Use plastic wrap, towels, and old newspaper liberally to wrap your dishes or line your boxes before placing food items into your car.

If you are going to take food to the home of a family member this holiday season, do that with care. The team at Audi Morton Grove wishes you all the best this holiday season! May your time spent with family go smoothly, and may the bonds between you and your family members grow.

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