Early Preparation for Holiday Travel

The Audi Morton Grove team understands that there are fewer tips available for those of us that plan to travel by road than by air this holiday season. We value your safety on the roads, especially during this holiday season. Therefore, we are providing you with some essential tips that will ensure your safe arrival at your holiday destination.

Outline your course in advance, and make sure to check weather conditions and traffic reports before leaving. You can complement your car’s GPS system with a paper map to ensure safe navigation even in remote areas. Ensure all your vehicle components are operating efficiently. If not, contact us to service your car properly before embarking on your road trip. You may also want to prepare for emergencies before departure. You can keep boots, a flashlight, a jug of water, and a blanket in your trunk. You’ll also want to ensure that the gas tank is more than half full throughout the journey to prevent freezing of the fuel line. Kindly observe the speed limits and adjust appropriately throughout your journey.

Early preparation will make you at ease during your road trip. Relax and focus on reaching your destination safely and enjoying your holiday. Visit our Audi service center in Morton Grove, IL for a check-up before you embark!

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