Inner Lining Issues and Tire Replacements

Tires are some of the more visible parts of your car. As such, you may find it easy to identify most kinds of tire damage. That said, there are other forms of tire damage that are harder to see.

One such issue is called inner-liner damage. The inner liner of your tire is a special interior layer that works against the effects of gradual air-loss. Healthy inner liners keep air-loss to manageable levels, but damaged liners can develop hard to find slow leaks. Slow tire leaks can lead to chronic low tire pressure, which in turn can lead to uneven tire wear and premature failure.

At our facility in the Audi Morton Grove area, we employ skilled and certified suspension system experts who can use our cutting-edge equipment to diagnose and repair all of your tire-related issues. For a no-obligation conversation about your tire care needs, come by Audi Morton Grove today.

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