Replacing Cabin and Engine Air Filters Depend On Driving Patterns and Environment

When you have regular maintenance completed for your car, typically you will get recommendations for your next scheduled service. However, when it comes to parts like your cabin and engine air filters, there isn’t any time-frame that can be specified for replacement. They must be inspected for quality levels.

Cabin and engine air filters are very important to your vehicle. The cabin air filter will prevent many undesirable pollutants, dust, and dirt from reaching the interior of your car, which could affect your health. An engine air filter guards against the same type of air particles; however, it protects your components within the engine that could become adversely affected.

Although typically replaced during oil changes, the replacement of the engine air filter will depend upon the driving conditions and air quality in Morton Grove during increment oil changes.

Schedule your next service appointment with Audi Morton Grove, and we will inspect both filters for you!
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