Windshield Washer Fluid Has Multiple Benefits

Windshield washer fluid is not just a cleaning solution. It also contributes to the protection of your vehicle windshield. Although there are now several different types of windshield washer fluid being sold in Morton Grove, IL, all of them have an active formula that has been specifically manufactured and tested to attack the grime, dirt and even bugs that end up on your vehicle windshield.

The most common washer fluids also act as a de-icer during the winter months, which can be a great help during those early morning vehicle cold-starts. With a few sprays from your washer reservoir, you can reduce a few minutes of scrapping. You should never use heated water on the windshield to remove ice. However, there are some washer fluids that undergo a preheated process before being delivered to the windshield.

Whatever the type of windshield fluid you choose; Audi Morton Grove wants to remind you to keep your reservoir full, for all the benefits.

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