Read This Towing Guide

It's nice getting out of town on a little adventure away from it all, and most of us like taking our toys along with us. Since many of our toys require a trailer to get them around, that means it is important to understand the do's and don'ts of towing. This towing guide should help with that.

  • Know the towing capacity of your vehicle
  • Inspect your vehicle and the trailer for safety issues before towing
  • Use the proper hitch for your vehicle
  • Ensure the trailer lights are engaged and working properly
  • Learn how to back the trailer up
  • Use towing mirrors when needed

  • Tow more weight than recommended
  • Pack the trailer unevenly
  • Tow on improperly inflated tires
  • Fail to check lug nuts to ensure they are secure
  • Speed or tailgate
This is not a complete list of everything you should know about towing a trailer. For that, you can visit with our Audi Morton Grove specialists.
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