How will the A3 look in your driveway?

?What do you look for when selecting a new car? Do you focus on the features? What about the price? Introducing the 2018 Audi A3 Sedan, this popular compact luxury car is designed to impress. Our team here at Audi Morton Grove can help make your choice easier.

A standard panoramic sunroof can give a great view to all of your passengers. When the sun gets too bright, you can use the sunshade to help keep the interior cool. At night, the unobstructed view can let your passengers see the stars or fireworks without needing to strain their necks.

The LEDs on your Audi A3 looks sharp and helps increase availability during night driving. The LED taillights can be upgraded dynamic turn signals for added safety. The available LED headlights meshes with the front grille to give the A3 a unique appearance.



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