The Audi Q7 Can Help You Transport Cargo

Thanks to the Audi Q7's spacious design, the process the transporting cargo in its cabin is never a hassle. By taking advantage of this automobile's adjustable seating and convenient tail gate technology, you can load cargo quickly and make room for groceries, boxes, equipment.

The standout feature that simplifies cargo transporting routines is the hands-free tail gate system. This technology is powered by a sensor that's mounted under the trunk. When you wave your foot underneath the sensor, the trunk automatically opens. This technology can help you load groceries easily while you're toting bags. If you need more storage space in the cargo area for many groceries, you can maximize real estate by folding the seats down. All of the seats collapse flat, so everything stays stable on the floor as the Q7 travels on the road.

Many Q7 vehicles are featured on the lot at Audi Morton Grove. If you need a car that has options for everyday cargo, this automobile is worth considering.



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