The Audi e-tron Delivers an Awesome Electric SUV

Audi wants to innovate. The arrival of the e-tron shows the company's commitment to amazing innovations. The e-tron represents Audi's first fully electric SUV. Incredibly, the time to charge the battery runs only about 30 minutes. And that is only one of many incredible features associated with the e-tron.

The presence of a dedicated cooling system further ensures the vehicle operates reliably. A cool battery works optimally. Buyers will appreciate the extended distance the vehicle travels. A 10-minute charge takes the SUV over 50 miles.

The electric power driving the performance of the vehicle is impressive. The e-tron SUV absolutely comes with a lot of power. The vehicle comes with a towing capacity of roughly 4,000 lbs. Within 5.5 seconds, the e-tron can reach speeds of 60 MPH. So, this isn't a weak SUV.

A test drive tells the full tale of the Audi e-tron. Come by our showroom at Audi Morton Grove and request a model for a drive.



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