Fixing Auto Scratches With Touch-up Paint

You want to keep the car you drive in Morton Grove looking good, so when you it's scratched, you're not happy. With the right technique, you can fix some scratches yourself.

For the best color match when buying touch-up paint, use your car manufacturer’s color code. To prepare a light scratch that hasn't exposed metal, plastic or fiberglass, clean it with soap and warm water. Use sandpaper that's 220 grit or higher to scuff around the area. Rinse and let it dry before painting. For deeper scratches, remove the rust from inside the scratch. Lightly sand the area with wet sandpaper. Let it dry. Apply the primer. Let it dry and then sand the area with 660 grit or higher sandpaper before painting. Wait 24 hours before driving and three days before washing.

At Audi Morton Grove, let us service your vehicle in so it looks good and runs well.


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