Important Motor Oil Myths

Vehicles require many things to make it run correctly. Motor oil may be a very small component, but it's a very important component needed for the vehicle to run. Drivers have been told many facts and myths regarding motor oil over the years. Do you know the difference between motor oil facts and fiction? Come to Audi Morton Grove and allow us to educate on motor oil facts and myths.
  • Motor oil should be changed every 2,000 to 3000 miles. The frequency for oil changes varies from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Motor oil that’s black needs to be changed. Motor oil that’s doing its job cleaning the engine will be black but may not necessarily need to be changed.
  • Oil should be changed before a trip. It should be changed when the owner’s manual recommends it.
  • Engine leaks are caused by synthetic motor oil. Synthetic oil will not damage engines in newer vehicles.
If you have any motor oil questions or are in need of an oil change, stop in at our dealership in Morton Grove. All us to service your vehicle and offer any other services your vehicle may need.


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