Car Care Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Driving in Morton Grove

Winter car care is important because it helps your vehicle run smoothly when the temperatures get low. How can you make sure your car is prepared for harsh winter conditions? Here are a few tips from Audi Morton Grove that can help you keep your vehicle in great condition throughout winter.

Since there's less daylight during the winter, it's essential that you check your lights and bulbs. If a bulb is out, be sure to replace it as soon as you can. Remove any snow that's on your headlights before you leave, and if your headlights are yellow, have them replaced or clean them with a headlight restoration kit.

Have your battery checked before winter gets here. When it's cold, your battery will have to work harder. It's also a good idea to have your coolant and windshield washer fluids checked to ensure they're at proper levels, and try to keep plenty of gas in your car during the winter.


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