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  • Jose V.
    General Manager
    847-998-8000 Ext 6101

  • Cindy G.
    Internet Sales Director
    847.998.8000 Ext 6106

    I joined the McGrath team in October of 2015 and have been enjoying it ever since.  I have held a big part in building and growing the team and I could not ask for a better group of people. I continue to bring a great attitude everyday to push our team to the best level of excellence. 

    Languages spoken: English & Assyrian

  • Veronica S.
    Customer Care & Assistant Service Manager
    844-971-CARE (2273)

    I have lived in Illinois all my life and have had the privilege of being employed with the McGrath family since January 2017. I have learned an immense amount thanks to the supportive staff and caring owners. It's true what they say: "love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life." I look forward to continuing my future with the McGrath family. 

    Languages spoken: English & Bulgarian

  • Steven M.
    Sales Manager
    847-998-8000 Ext 6104

    I have lived in Chicago all of my life. I joined the McGrath team in October of 2016. I can definitely say Audi Morton Grove has changed my life and gave me the opportunity to be the manager that I am today. I enjoy every aspect of this store and look forward to what the future holds for our amazing team. 

    Languages spoken: English, Spanish

  • Omar R.
    Sales Manager
    847.998.8000 Ext 6307

    I have lived in Chicago all of my life. I joined the Audi Morton Grove team in August of 2016. My goal was always to make sure the car buying experience was as smooth as possible for all of our customers. Now that I am in management I push to share my skills with the staff to make sure everyone gets the experience they deserve. I couldn't ask for a better team that I consider family. 

    Languages spoken: English, Spanish

  • Rehmon B.
    Assistant Sales Manager
    847.998.8000 Ext 6308

    I joined the Audi Morton Grove team in January of 2018. I've always had a strong passion for Audis. My passion has helped me attain the position that I am in now. I am always happy to use my skills and knowledge to help our team grow stronger. I couldn't ask for a better team to be apart of. 

    Languages spoken: English & Assyrian

  • Jasmin B.
    Assistant Sales Manager
    84.998.8000 Ext 6109

    I have been with the McGrath family 3 years. I enjoy working here because I genuinely love to help people. I get to show people how easy and smooth making a vehicle purchase can be; by providing product knowledge and making an educated decision on their vehicle purchase. I enjoy learning all the different cultures, backgrounds,  and different professions with every client I meet. 

    Languages spoken: English & Assyrian 

  • Dan R.
    General Service Manager
    847.998.8000 Ext 6501

    I was born in Poland but lived in Chicago most of my life. I have worked with the McGrath Group since Oct. 2015 The McGrath team and culture makes the  environment feel like home and work doesn't feel like work.

    Languages spoken: English & Polish

  • Darek J.
    Used Car Manager
    847.998.8000 Ext 6107

    I was born in Chicago and have been with the McGrath family for over a year now. I enjoy working at McGrath Audi because I love dealing with Audi's and the environment at Audi Morton Grove is very welcoming.

    Languages spoken: English & Polish.

  • Gene K.
    Finance Manager
    847.998.8000 Ext 6202

  • Tommy B.
    Finance Manager
    847.998.8000 Ext 6205

    I am originally from New York and moved to Chicago a few years ago. I have been in the automotive industry my entire life. I enjoy working with the McGrath team because they allow me to include my years of experience to make every customers car buying experience outstanding. My job gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people's lives and make a difference everyday. 

    Languages spoken: Polish, English & Russian

  • Dan H.
    Audi Brand Specialist
    847.998.8000 Ext 6108

    I grew up in Kosovo and currently reside in Glenview. I joined McGrath Audi in October of 2013. Always considered my self a people person, which needless to say, is crucial for the environment we work in. Having grown up around German cars gave me the advantage to understand and develop a unique passion for German Engineering.  Since the stories I heard in my early childhood about the legacy of Audi (the legendary Quattro and its reputation on rally races), and all the way to the modern technology, Audi continues to fascinate me. I truly enjoy every opportunity I get to talk to folks that share the similar passion for the brand.

     Languages spoken: English, Albanian, Serbian-Croatian, and German.     

  • Mohamed H.
    Audi Brand Specialist
    847.998.8000 Ext 6304

    I joined Audi McGrath in August 2015. It is my second home where the soul of the team and the passion to move forward to success characterize us to offer a unique experience!

    Languages spoken: English & Arabic

  • Babelon N.
    Audi Brand Specialist
    847.998.8000 Ext 6312

    I grew up in Chicago but currently live in the suburbs. I joined the Audi Morton Grove team in August of 2018. It's crazy to think that just in one year you can build so many friendships in a place that's hard to just call "a job". My goal is to move up in the company and help this amazing team get even better. There is no such a thing as a perfect work place but Audi Morton Grove is very close!

    Languages spoken: English & Assyrian 

  • Chris L.
    Audi Brand Specialist
    847.998.8000 Ext 6316

    I joined the McGrath family in October of 2018. Being that this is a family owned business, you can feel it in the atmosphere. The McGrath's involvement with the employees and customers is outstanding and proves the that the McGrath group will go above and beyond to ensure we exceed our customer's expectations. I am not only here to sell you a car, but to build a relationship and ensure you make the best decision for you and your family.

    Languages spoken: English & Spanish

  • Rony B.
    Audi Brand Specialist
    847.998.8000 Ext 6305

    I joined the Audi Morton Grove team in May of 2019. Being a car enthusiast, I knew I wanted to work in the automotive industry. When I became a member of this team, I was quickly motivated to learn. I contribute to the positive work environment and continue to broaden my customer service standards. I am always happy to help everyone and make things easier for everyone.

     Languages spoken: English & Assyrian

  • Edmond A.
    Internet Sales Specialist
    847-998-8000 Ext 6402

  • Christopher E.
    Internet Specialist
    847-998-8000 Ext. 6404

  • Dariusz W.
    Service Manager
    847.998.8000 Ext 6502

    I am a Chicago native and have worked with McGrath Audi for 18 years. I enjoy working here because it's a close family environment.

    Languages spoken: English & Polish

  • Arian B.
    Service Drive Manager
    847.998.8000 Ext 6503

    My family are Albanian immigrants from Montenegro. I am a first generation American. I was born and raised in Chicago IL, currently live in Des Plaines. I have been working at Audi Morton Grove for 9 years. I have had a love for cars since a very young age. My father owns and operates a small auto repair shop and I was always around cars my entire life. Being brought up in a family that loves cars played a huge role in my career path. I started working For Audi of Morton grove as a porter 9 years ago. Since that time I have held a position as Service Advisor and now Currently Assistant Service Manager. The McGrath family has provided a great working atmosphere to grow and excel in my career.

    Languages spoken: English & Albanian.

  • TJ S.
    Shop Manager

    I live in Villa Park, Chicago. I have worked for McGrath Audi for 11+ years. I have always had a passion for automobiles since I was a kid. From driving to racing, automotive is my passion. 

    Languages spoken: English

  • Randy S.
    Service Advisor
    847.998.8000 Ext 6506

    I am from Lincolnshire and have worked for McGrath Audi for five years. I enjoy working here because I love the brand and my co-workers. 

    Languages spoken: English

  • Sino D.
    Service Advisor
    847.998.8000 Ext 6510

    I am from Iran & I have worked here for a year and a half. I enjoy working at McGrath Audi, because I love helping and encountering with my customers at the Service Department. I enjoy learning about cars and translate my knowledge to others. I love the perks and the benefits this job offers. And lastly, I get to see happy and motivated faces everyday!

    Languages spoken: English & Assyrian

  • Dan D.
    Service Advisor
    888-459-9376 Ext 6505

  • Jaylene A.
    Service Advisor
    847-998-8000 Ext 6503

  • Nikho A.
    Service Advisor
    847.998.8000 Ext 6509

    I am from Morton Grove, IL  and have been working with McGrath Audi since March of 2019. I enjoy helping others and answering any questions I can to the best of my knowledge. I also love cars

    Languages spoken: Assyrian & English 

  • Arameh S.
    Service Advisor
    847-998-8000 Ext 6500

  • Don S.
    Parts Manager
    847.998.8000 Ext 6601

    I am from Huntley IL and have been here since May of 2017. I love the comradery and enjoy teaching my team and watching them grow to be the best at their craft.

    Languages spoken: English

  • Ken D.
    847-998-8000 Ext 6600

  • Chris A.
    847.998.8000 Ext 6605

    I am from Morton Grove and have worked at McGrath Audi since December of 2019. I love Audi's in general, but what makes me enjoy working here the most is the parts team! They're all very nice, smart and always willing to help.

    Languages spoken: English & Spanish

  • Jay A.
    Parts Consultant
    847-998-8000 Ext 6602

    I am from the Philippines. I started working at McGrath Audi in September of 2016. I enjoy working here due to the incredible management with their guidance to make the dealership great!

     Languages spoken: English & Tagalog

  • Jason C.
    Parts Consultant
    847.998.8000 Ext 6603

    I am from Morton Grove, IL and have been with McGrath since 2016. I love working with the nice and kind coworkers. I enjoy helping our customers out in any way I can. 

    Languages spoken: English

  • Liz M.
    Service Administrator

    I am from Chicago, IL. I have been employed since August 2018. I enjoy working here because it is fast pace busy dealership, surrounded by a great team that has become my second family !

    Languages spoken: English & Spanish

  • Maria S.
    Lead Service BDC Rep
    847.998.8000 ext 6454

    I am from Glenview, Illinois. I have been with the company for three years. It has been a pleasure working for the McGrath family. There are so many open opportunities for growth within the company. I enjoy working and being a part of the Audi Morton Grove team. There is a lot of success & potential for this great dealership! 

    Languages spoken: English, Spanish

  • Jasmine V.
    Service BDC Rep
    847.998.8000 Ext 6452

    I am from Scottsdale, AZ and now reside in Illinois. I have been with McGrath Audi since June 2019. Working here has been a constant learning experience and I look forward to continuing while growing with fellow coworkers along the journey!

     Languages spoken: English

  • Sylvia O.
    Lead Receptionist

    I am from Mount Prospect , IL  and have been with the company for 3 years  I like working here because I seek open opportunities and see room for growth here at McGrath Audi!

    Languages spoken: English, Arabic, & Assyrian